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the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects

Who We Are

The roots of our beginning were from the desires of three family companies, Low Associates, McDevitt Electrical Sales and Jacobson-Rodger Associates to create a stronger and more effective agency for our clients. We named this new entity Synergy, a name that accurately describes our company. With the combination of the different skills of our leadership and employees, we quickly rose to become leaders in our markets.

Synergy has relied on the dynamic skill sets across our team and leadership to create a sustainable and balanced business model. We believe that long-term stability and business health is in our vendors' and customers' best interest. This practice lead us to include our fourth successful, multi-generational family business, The Ertel Company.

Our balanced approach comes from three divisions within our organization: Architectural Design Solutions, Energy Engineering Solutions & Electrical Wholesale Solutions. These divisions have proven true to our name and continue to augment each-other while protecting us from the impact of volatile markets.

We pride ourselves on being experts in the products and services that we offer within our focused divisions. We value our people who are paramount to our success and operate with a tremendous reputation in our market through long-term relationships built on ethical business practices. Our territory stretches out to Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

We live by three values: being customer-focused, providing quality service, and encouraging employee growth. We've realized that the continued growth of our business is dependent on customer satisfaction and believe that the key to achieving that goal is providing high-quality service for our clients. To ensure that our team provides the best service to our client, we invest and enable employee growth through training and education. Our passion for the industry and commitment to creating an exceptional experience for our clients continue to be the cornerstones of our success.

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